Liquid Landschap Arttenders Almere

Baltimoreplein sketching phase:
2. Liquid Landscape


Each and every Arttenders-project involves several sketch concepts, made in close collaboration with multiple artists. This results in a diverse set of designs that all meet the functional requirements, but look very different. Only one design will make it to implementation! The third design we’re sharing this week is titled LIQUID LANDSCAPE. Another playscape for Almere Buiten district. The public can vote on

Liquid Landschap Arttenders Almere

The artist behind this work decided to combine a few substantive components into one sleek design for a seemingly never-ending slide. For example, the fact that a lot of children asked for a fun slide on the Baltimoreplein. That’s right: we invited all children of Almere Buiten (and everyone else) to think as real designers and provide us with input for the overall concept. That way, childlike fantasy should become part of the design. In the meantime, the square must be appealing to teenagers and adults as well.

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Another aspect that was repeatedly mentioned when asking for the public’s input, was the city’s history with water. That’s why Liquid Landscape is an unusual slide that plays with the illusion of going underwater and re-emerging elsewhere. Like a mysterious Loch Ness monster, the artwork challenges all visitors to let their imagination run free.

This design will ask for a specific choice of materials, to make it both sturdy and shiny.

Liquid Landscape Almere Arttenders

Arttenders’ workflow

The great thing about the Verover het Baltimoreplein-project for the municipality of Almere is that it allows us to give you a sneak peek into our workflow. The results of the sketching phase normally stay uncovered. These concepts are all ‘work in progress’. After deciding over the final design, one sketch always gets developed down to the smallest detail and executed.

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