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7 gift ideas for Christmas shopping: art lovers edition


It’s that time of the year again; Christmas songs, food and gifts! What’s not to love about that? With the current COVID-19 pandemic and an absence of physical interaction with your loved ones, it’s even more special to spoil them. Finding the perfect present is quite a challenge. And let’s not forget the artists who could use the extra support in 2020! We are here to guide you through the best present ideas for art enthusiasts. Our selection shows diverse works from our favorite artists.

1. Parra – Doormat & Bottle

Piet Parra is an Amsterdam based graphic designer and illustrator. His quirky style reflects the modern and young zeitgeist. His work is not limited to artworks: he also produces clothes, interior pieces and objects for everyday use. A great aspect of his work is that it is accessible to everybody. This way all Piet Parra lovers are able to own an original piece. Check out the “Goodbye” doormat, made from coir and coconut fiber. Or the “Cat Sigg” bottle that will go everywhere with you.

Piet Parra Doormat Parra Cat Sigg Bottle

2. Ward van Gemert – Crackerjack Mirror

Ward van Gemert is the creator and owner of Studio Nightshop, located in Rotterdam. The city’s dynamic and energy inspire him to create incredible design pieces. Ward is interested in combining both high and low brow culture. He implements this by translating his vision into playful provocation. One of his artworks is the Crackerjack Mirror. Van Gemerts challenging vision changed the experience of looking at the mirror. The mirror is made from different fibers spun around the glass. Due to the different styles of patterns, a Crackerjack Mirror would look great in every interior.

Crackerjack Mirror

3. Jonas Vorwerk – The Nano Circle

The Nano Circle is a characteristic artwork by Jonas Vorwerk. The artist aims to create an environment that challenges digital and analog interaction between audience and objects using sound and light. The Nano Circle is everything in one: light, art and design. A perfect Christmas gift to surprise your loved ones!

Nano Circle

4. Bier en Brood – Orgaan & Pleeborstel

The artistic duo Bier & Brood takes their black and white artworks to the next level. Their unique style combines detailed drawings and abstract lines to create an unexpected effect. Modern society, innovative technology and a gloomy future inspire their work. The duo is specialized in murals, but luckily, they released a limited collection of silkscreens to hang indoors. These prints represent the dynamic and raw brushstrokes of the artists.

Bier&Brood Orgaan Pleeborstel

5. Lizan Freijsen – Carpets

For most people, molds and moisture spots are a nightmare. However, not for everybody. Lizan Frijesen embraces their beauty and transforms the mustiness into artworks. By turning moisture stains into textiles, Lizan shifts the perspective and creates products of value. Not only are these incredible rugs made from recycled materials, they also have an eye-catching design. A must-have for every home!

Lady Carpet Zout Carpet

6. Jean Jullian – Limited Edition Fish Bowls

These bowls are a result of a collaboration between Case Studyo and graphic designer Jean Jullien. Jean’s signature brushstrokes and illustration make the bowls a collector’s item. The use of these bowls is definitely a good way to brighten up the Christmas dinner table. But be quick, they sell fast!

Jean Jullien & Case Studyo

7. Mr André – André & Annabelle

Monsieur André, with his roots in graffiti, is also known as André Saraiva. The characteristic funny round face with a smile is his trademark. After conquering the streets, he now makes limited edition silkscreens, among other things . This series consists of 50 editions. A perfect and colorful addition for every contemporary art enthusiast’s home!

Mr Andre