Video series: The People Behind The Splash

To Watch: Videoseries ‘The People behind The Splash’

Siobhan BurgerNews

The realisation of The Splash was a HUGE team effort. As with any type of social design, the input of various stakeholders was included in the design process in all phases of the project. From strategy, design to implementation: without the neighbourhood, surrounding entrepreneurs, the landscape architect, developer and the municipality of Rotterdam the Splash would not have been what it is today.

However, at the end of the project all these different perspectives and needs fade to the background. To show you how complex, but also how satisfying this proces of co-creation is, we interviewed several people involved throughout the proces on their relation to the work. Because in the end these are the stories that matter!

Berrie van Elderen
Landscape architect at Karres & Brands

Faye Ellen & Siobhan Burger
Founders and Social Designers at Arttenders

Cindy Bakker
Independent Visual Artist

Chislaine de Groot
Owner at LISA Rotterdam

Klaas Hoogerwerf
Chairman Stichting Zuidpleingebied

Citysteward Rotterdam

Serge Geertsema
Accountmanager at De La Roy Isolatie & Design

Annemieke van Wegen-Delhaas
Projectmanager Citybranding at Gemeente Rotterdam

Rebecca Sigmond
Manager Marketing & Program at Theater Zuidplein