New intern alert: Kim, Lucas, Jill and Tesse


Arttenders welcomes 4 new social design interns to the team. They are going to learn everything there is about the Arttenders social design projects.

Kim Vo (20)

Kim has been crafting, since she was a little kid. This turned into designing when she started to learn Adobe Illustrator. Creating has always been a part of her. With this in mind, she chose to study Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft). She likes the challenge of combining technology, business and people to design.


In her free time, she constantly tries to learn new things. Right now, her interests are dancing, skateboarding, and gymnastics. Her trait for learning new things is also one of the reason why she loves innovations. She hopes to be able to apply this trait at Arttenders to get the best out of her internship.

Lucas Brouwer (23)

Lucas is a spatial planner of the urban environment with a knack for making cities greener, more sustainable and more socially cohesive. He is studying Urban Planning at the Hogeschool Rotterdam where he learned how to make integral plans and designs for spatial developments of different scales, from a redeveloped public square to a metropolitan development plan in 2040 and everything in between. In all of which the social, environmental and economic impacts are taking into account in order to make a city that best suits the people that work and live there.


Here at Arttenders he hopes to add the ability to include art into these plans and designs as he believes that this can play an important role in strengthening and expressing the identity of places.

Lucas loves a good story set in an imaginary world so in his free time he can often be found watching movies, reading books and playing games set in their own fantasy universe. But he also thoroughly enjoys the company of his friends with a drink in his hand, set in the real world.

Jill Lauwers (22)

Jill studies Urban Planning at Hogeschool Rotterdam and is in her third year. During her studies she is learning about the development and design of land and the built environment.

Jill was drawn to Arttenders because art is the main focus in every project. According to Jill art is a great way to connect people. She likes how art adds something special to a place and how it can attract people. This is something she hasn’t experienced in any other projects yet but wants to know more about. So, she is very excited to start at Arttenders and be part of the team.


During her internship she will work on different projects within Arttenders. Besides that, she will also do research on social design and what this means for society. This is a topic she is very interested in and wants to learn more about. Jill also wants to learn more about how different parties work together to create and think. Arttenders is the right place to learn everything about this.

Tesse Wolthaus (21)

Tesse has a big passion for art & design, especially in 3D. She is studying Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft, Tesse is curious about the different aspects of putting some colorful art in the grey cities of these days. She likes to think about the innovation in cities and amaze people with it. With Arttenders being busy with putting business goals together with art, Tesse thinks she can learn a lot about the strategic use of art. Furthermore, she is interested in the developing process of the projects and working together with artists.


In her free time, Tesse likes to create 3D art herself. Mostly with just paper, because she likes to surprise people with a neat made with paper. Inspiring artists for her are, for example, Olafur Eliasson, Do Ho Suh and Sarah Sze. Moreover, she loves to sail and windsurf. In summer she teaches children how to sail.

We are looking forward to work with Kim, Lucas, Jill and Tesse in the coming months!