Arttenders Highligths

Our Arttenders Highlights of 2021


Arttenders Highligths

The end of the year is here, a time to reminisce over all the Arttenders highlights. A lot has happened in 2021 and we asked all of our colleagues what were their highlights in 2021. 

Breaking the mold

The Splash © Pim Top voor Arttenders x Cindy Bakker

What I loved about this year is that we found our solid form as social designers. For years we had tried to fit several molds but ended up breaking them all. Now we have finally found our true DNA that fits us like a glove, making our services more tangible and understandable for our clients. But don’t get us wrong, we will break the mold again, but this time we will use the shards to rebuild a  hybrid method of social design and urban planning that contributes to future proof, inspiring and a more social build environment!

– Faye, Founding Partner

Towards socially led urban development

Urban Development by Arttenders

Since Faye and I founded Arttenders 6 years ago, our ambition was to create a change in how cities are being build. We aim a more people oriented approach, where spatial and social challenges are considered equally important. To achieve this we have been building a lot, but also are moving more and more into the initial planning phase of urban developments. The highlights?! Building projects on various scopes as proof of concept (The Splash, Baltimore Bend, Flores), but the icing on the cake was winning the tender for an explorative study for the redevelopment of a public pool, sports facilities and the adjacent public space for Gemeente Rotterdam. We can’t wait to see where this new chapter brings us!

– Siobhan, Founding Partner

Production Queen Mode


What a year! If I’m thinking back to 2021 at Arttenders there is not just one moment that pops-up in my mind. There were several highlights this previous year that put a smile on my face thinking about it. First of all I’ve graduated and was finally ready to work full time at Arttenders. Secondly, my first production and opening of an Arttenders project; The Splash! We celebrated this at the best party of Rotterdam in 2021; the Eurovision Songfestival. Of course this wasn’t the only party for Arttenders this year, because we never hesitate to celebrate milestones at Arttenders. One of these moments was the foundation of the Baltimore Bend which is opening in January 2022 in Almere Buiten. But, looking back at the last year at Arttenders I have to say that all these moments were highlights because we are working with the most awesome team of colleagues! I’m looking forward to what 2022 is going to bring!

– Amber, Projectmanager

The Ride called Arttenders


Hard to believe that only three months ago I joined this ride called Arttenders! Even harder to believe that some ‘interesting challenges’ so colorfully illustrated during my job interview I ended up resolving myself. Score. The most brilliant moment? The general feeling of being fully accepted to the Arttenders family in no-time, maybe the only office where my LEGO x Adidas sneakers are cheered and where the ‘play hard’ part manifests in a spontaneous lunch of McDonald’s & champagne (or – equally perfect – Lof der Zoetheid scones & champagne). Where a couple of 3-hour trips to Friesland to see one of our projects coming to life, are VERY worth it (see picture). More of all this please, in 2022!

– Kika, Senior Designer


What a year 2021 was. I graduated and turned from an intern into a full time Attender. I was able to witness the birth of so many new projects we are going to continue working on in the next year. On top of that we finished a lot of great designs too. It is so exciting to be part of a team and see these projects take shape and to then communicate this to the world. The coolest project for me is ‘The Splash’ in Rotterdam Zuid. Seeing people actually using it and feeling proud of their neighbourhood is absolutely wonderful. I cannot wait for the new year to see our company grow and to learn more and get inspired by our lovely team.

– Natalie, Strategist

Champagne and McDonalds feasts!

When I made the decision to do an internship for my minor, I would have never guessed that that would lead me to having McDonald’s with Champagne for lunch. This day started off normal but eventually was full of surprises. That is why this is one of my most memorable moments at Arttenders.

That day we just finished our presentations and Faye asked us if we wanted McDonald’s. Yes, of course! And then suddenly we were bombarded with food deliveries as if we ordered a buffet for 30 people. Unfortunately, that was not the case; they were just training their new colleagues. After all the hoopla, Amber started our feast meal by popping the Champagne bottle.

– Kim, Intern

Getting inspired on field trips

My favourite moment at Arttenders this year was when we all went to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven together. There we got to explore a great variety of arts as well as technical innovations. Some of which we could possibly use or take into consideration while designing public spaces.

I also got to talk to many passionate people about their ideas and works and how they intend to use them to make the world more beautiful and sustainable. I hope that I can take inspiration from this excursion and use this in my own studies and work.

It was also simply a fun trip with my coworkers, where we got to talk and enjoy tasty Japanese food together!

-Lucas, Intern

Office Palooza

Setting up the Christmas tree was a great/cool moment at Arttenders. It became a spontaneous team building exercise. because it is not a traditional Christmas tree, it had to be set up in a different way. As can be seen in the photos, we needed several colleagues to set up the tree, which made it a fun activity.

– Jill, Intern

Thank you to all the people involved in Arttenders, all the artists, producers, clients, municipalities and partnering companies; 2021 was a crazy year. Let’s start 2022 with a bang!

Have a very lovely Christmas and a happy new year!