Emmapassage Tilburg Arttenders

New Project: An icon for Emmapassage Tilburg


Emmapassage Tilburg Arttenders

Wereldhave Nederland, Neoo and the Municipality of Tilburg have commissioned Arttenders to create a unique beacon on Stadhuisplein in front of the entrance of the Emmapassage extension in Tilburg. The aim is to make the entrance more visually present with the beacon in the eyesight of the public  to nudge the passer-by into the passage with a friendly and playful gesture.  

We would not be Arttenders if we are going to make sure there will be a creative, fun and unusual design. Function and aesthetics will once again come together to make this project into a success. “How can the future environment differ from the current situation?”, we asked ourselves. At this beginning stage of the project we strategise using a design thinking methode. This strategy stage is a combination of spatial purpose, concrete functional requirements and  placemaking. From there we will conduct research in the area and make sure we will bring together the perfect people and elements to develop a concept for the Emma Passage. Our interdisciplinary design team will create a design proposal with external experts for the integral problem at hand. 

Because the entrance to the Emmapassage, the connection to the new Hendrikhof, Frederikstraat and Piusplein, is not immediately noticeable, it is important that there is some sort of landmark in the public area that refers to the entrance to the Emmapassage and the shopping area. The project will take up this function of a landmark. The final design will have a link to local stories and the unique identity of the adjacent neighborhoods.

Are you curious how we will bring all of these elements together? Stay tuned for more developments on the Emmapassage.