Studio Spass Won Design pitch for CIC Rotterdam’s Urban Jungle themed Living room

Siobhan BurgerNews

Mid June Studio Spass and Haas&Hahn presented their sketch proposals for the new Living Room at CIC Rotterdam spaces. Studio Spass blew the CIC team away with their contemporary view on the ‘Urban Jungle’ theme.

The artist as interior designer

Recently CIC Rotterdam and Arttenders announced the next step in the CIC x Arttenders Art at Work Project in the second phase of the development of CIC in the Groot Handelsgebouw. In close collaboration with the CIC design team and Kraaijvanger Architects and ForReal, Arttenders has challenged Artists Studio Spass and Haas&Hahn to reinterpret the CIC living room within the theme ‘Urban Jungle’.

The Urban Jungle redefined by Studio Spass

Studio Spass convinced the full CIC team with their ingenious solutions in both imagery and feasibility of the design in their extensive outcome of their sketch assignment. It is the first time for Studio Spass to be asked to make a immersive concept for an office interior. With their avant-gardist object approach and bold choice of colors they embraced the idea of ‘urban jungle’ in a way that was very appealing, but also so subversive that none of the stakeholders could have imagined this direction of thought. Exactly why artist are the right choice to include in your design team!

Studio Spass created a inspiring clash of nature and living room objects that are inviting and comfortable, yet inspiring and non-conformistic. A room hard to ignore but in symbiosis with the architectural design and practical use of the space. A new landmark for the iconic building!

Next steps are focused on the implementation and materialization of the design, until then we provide you with some render eye-candy from the artists presentation. Stay tuned for more updates on this cool collaboration and read more on Studio Spass in our previous project update HERE.

CIC x Arttenders Art at Work Project

The CIC x Arttenders Art at Work Project consists of a series of creative spaces in the CIC offices. These spaces are customized by various artists in collaboration with Arttenders through different forms of applied arts. This creates immersive and inspirational rooms, where entrepreneurs can meet, be inspired, work and socialize.