Thijs Kelder Studio Ruwedata Blind Spot Arttenders Office

Thijs Kelder on view at Arttenders


Thijs Kelder Studio Ruwedata Blind Spot Arttenders Office

As we love having our office stuffed with art, we invited Rotterdam artist Thijs Kelder to showcase some of his work. The big windows in our colorful place seemed like the perfect setting to exhibit the latest art pieces that came about Thijs’ practice Studio Ruwedata. Jealous? They’re for sale!

Inspired by traditional stained glass-windows, Thijs has researched working with plexiglass and wood. He creates works of art that get you thinking. All colored parts are laser cut and put together manually in a tailor-made frame by the artist.

Blind Spot is a big stained glass window that was on display on Big Art earlier this year. Its iconography shows both the dark and light-footed side of life and calls for conversation.

The smaller work in our meeting room is called After image. The reference to religious stained glass might be even more clear here. Or is big brother watching us? Again, Thijs Kelder invites us to reflect on what we see.

Have a look when passing by our place on the Zaagmolendrift in Rotterdam!


After Image Thijs Kelder Studio Ruwedata

After Image by Thijs Kelder, Studio Ruwedata