Park Fructose Almere Arttenders

Baltimoreplein sketching phase:
1. Park Fructose


PARK FRUCTOSE is the last of four sketch concepts we’re sharing with you this week to give you an idea of how we work. The sketching phase, that is part of every project we do, normally stays uncovered. However, the project called Verover het Baltimoreplein is one of a kind. The municipality of Almere wished to engage families in the design of this square in the city district of Almere Buiten.

Park Fructose Almere Arttenders

Kids from the neighborhood could provide the four sketching artists with their creative ideas. This resulted in eccentric, colorful and imaginative designs. And that certainly applies to Park Fructose! This extraordinary fruit orchard puts a smile on everyone’s faces, welcoming kids to play and inviting adults to sit on the fruit seeds that serve as seats. Now that the possible playgrounds are all known, everyone can help decide which one will actually take shape! Cast your vote on

Park Fructose Almere Arttenders

Fruit in the neighborhood

The design responds to the surroundings of Almere and its fruit companies. Next to that, it refers to Growing Green Cities, the theme of the Floriade Expo 2022. Park Fructose embodies having a fresh and healthy snack in Almere Buiten district. The variety of pieces of equipment is aimed at children of different ages. But it is actually much more. Walking out of the train station, this playscape immediately attracts the attention of visitors. Park Fructose asks to be photographed and shared throughout social media.

Park Fructose Almere Arttenders elements

Sneak peek

It’s not usually possible to give you this kind of insight into our running projects. Keep an eye on our news section to stay up to date with Arttenders’ workflow!