Floriade tower Almere Sympoeiesis Arttenders MVRDV Alex Verhaest

Check out our new interactive artwork SYMPOIESIS!


Floriade tower Almere Sympoeiesis Arttenders MVRDV Alex Verhaest

Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Months of hard work have led to this day where we can festively announce our collaboration with MVRDV and Alex Verhaest on a huge applied artwork for Floriade Expo 2022! The central tower of the Floriade arboretum will soon be the new icon of Almere, while on www.sympoiesis.nl the artwork virtually comes to life.

Flores, a tower by Klunder Architecten, is currently under construction on the site of Floriade Expo 2022 in the city of Almere. We took care of its facade, teaming up with MVRDV and visual artist Alex Verhaest!

By a unique technique of digital scripting, we translated the Floriade masterplan, as designed by Winy Maas of MVRDV, into a meaningful composition of all the species represented in the arboretum: SYMPOIESIS! Read more on the artwork on our project page about SYMPOIESIS. And on www.sympoiesis.nl of course!

We are also featured in this Dutch video of the unveiling of the building:

Dive in!

Commissioned by the municipality of Almere, we designed an interactive website as a storytelling tool that revolves around SYMPOIESIS, in both English and Dutch. Dive in and get to know more about how the design came about! On this website, SYMPOIESIS is the source of all knowledge and meaning enshrined within the artwork and its surroundings. Become part of the experience on www.sympoiesis.nl!