Arttenders Gemeente Almere Beleving Spooronderdoorgangen Almere Buiten Centrum

New project:
Beleving Spooronderdoorgangen Almere Buiten Centrum


Arttenders Gemeente Almere Beleving Spooronderdoorgangen Almere Buiten Centrum

In November, you might have seen our Call for Interest concerning the railway station of Almere Buiten. This search for local talent in the city of Almere is part of a brand new Arttenders project we’d love to tell you more about!

After our successful online campaign figuring out what design would fit on Baltimoreplein (we are now busy designing a playscape for this square, with our friends at Studio Spass), there appeared to be another interesting challenge in the neighborhood of Almere Buiten! Arttenders was asked to come up with a solution for the railroad underpasses that fits in with the municipality’s plans to turn Almere Buiten Centrum into an attractive destination for residents, visitors and travelers.

Beleving Spooronderdoorgangen Almere Buiten Centrum is a project in which we will develop two unique concepts to brighten up these railroad underpasses. For this, we will work together with two artists or designers. To meet with the wish of the municipality to put local talent in the spotlight, we began the search for two creatives that have their roots in Almere (Buiten) and who want to seize this opportunity to each come up with a concept for this area. One of both ideas will be permanently implemented in the public space in the end.

While creating an eyecatcher, our approach meets many functional requirements concerning safety, lighting, quality of stay and the prevention of stray bikes. In addition, the applied artwork will have a connecting function, because there is a lot happening on both sides of the station! The railroad underpasses will be dealt with both practically and aesthetically so that added value is created for their use and the experience of Almere Buiten Centrum.