Benthuizerstraat - Poort van Noord

New visual & spatial identity for The Poort van Noord


Benthuizerstraat - Poort van Noord

Arttenders will be rethinking the spatial identity of the Benthuizerstraat by using the street as a canvas for a visual gateway titled Poort van Noord. First step in the development of this spatial rebranding is conducting a strategic assessment and formulating a striking visual and spatial strategy with the help of a local artist to enhance the warm potential of the shopping street.  We’ll focus on creating unity in diversity to showcase the street’s unique characteristics – in close consultation with our client Stichting Poort van Noord and the local community, of course.

Transformation of the Benthuizerstraat

The Benthuizerstraat is buzzing with life – even in these crazy times. The street is located in one of the best-known pre-war neighborhoods in Rotterdam and is characterised by its historical nature. It has huge potential as a shopping street, a community hotspot and most of all as a Poort (a gateway) to other highlights of Rotterdam Noord. However, it could use a little help to showcase its potential and strategic location in the area. We’re proud to announce that we will contribute to its transformation by creatively rebranding the Benthuizerstraat!

Fun fact: this street is just around the corner from our office and Faye’s house, so it’s a home game! We know it from the back of our hands; it’s the place where we live, breathe and work.

Benthuizerstraat - Poort van NoordBetter together

In all our projects, the location itself and its local community serve as the true inspiration for everything we do. Therefore, we always start with an elaborate strategic assessment of local interests, usability and practical requirements of the different parties involved. We aim to give a wide variety of stakeholders a say in various phases of the project. This participation is key, since no social design gets established without thorough social interaction! Based on the outcome of this assessment, Arttenders will formulate a fitting and striking visual and spatial strategy for the Benthuizerstraat.

Local artists

The next step? A local artist, curated by Arttenders, will be added to the Arttenders design team. Together we’ll create a visual concept that meets the local needs and objectives and marks The Poort van Noord.

Together with the community, this concept will be further developed for implementation. The output of this trajectory will both visually and conceptually connect the diverse inhabitants and entrepreneurs, underline their mutual love for the street and its surroundings, and make it more appealing for other people to move out of their way and come take a look and (re)discover the beauty of the Oude Noorden!