As consultant Arttenders assists governments, developers, cities and companies in formulating a long-term approach on how to create experiences by integrating art and culture as a strategic tool in their business and developments.

We act as consultant on a wide variety of topics, such as: area development, behavioral science, brand experience, brand positioning, city branding, corporate communication, corporate culture, crowd control, design, destination, environment, exposure, flexible working, health, innovation, nudging, marketing, presence, public space, real estate development, rebranding, retail design, safety, technology, tourism, transition trajectories, workplace design and wayfinding.

Understanding what's ahead, we inspire clients, governments, stakeholders and artists to think outside of their comfort zone. We often speak about the advantages of multi-disciplinary teams, co-creation and how various challenges can be combined in one overarching, strategic and creative solution. Our staff is part of various art advisory boards for cultural organizations and governments.

For example, we advise the Amsterdam Fund for the Art on innovative project grants and we took a seat in the committee Dijkstad / Huys Tijdverdrijf to give recommendations on the role of place making and storytelling in public space as part of urban development. If you want to know more about how we work, please go here!