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Spotted: Arttenders in The Social Design Calendar 2022!


Social design scheurkalender Social desing lobby Arttenders1

The Social Design Calendar

A while ago we decided that we are social designers. We figured we were always social designers, we had just not realised it yet. We make projects with the end-user in mind. Together with that end-user and other stakeholders we solve the wicked problems of the future, whilst creating an inspiring urban environment at the same time. For all those projects, we apply our iterative process of six steps, engaging stakeholders throughout the process. When doing research into social design we stumbled upon a vast community of passionate designers. We believe this movement is important and basically the future of anything made for the public space. Therefore, Arttenders joined the Social Design Lobby.

Social Design Lobby

Social design scheurkalender Social desing lobby Arttenders1Social Design Lobby was set up to promote social designers in The Netherlands and connect them with each other and of course, show the worth of design in societal challenges. This year, The Social Design Lobby made a tear-off calendar for the year 2022 where the social design profession is presented by highlighting a specific social design project (and its impact) per day. The goal of this calendar is to get it in all toilets and canteens of (potential) clients and interested parties. The more tearing, the stronger the positioning of social design becomes. The tear-off calendar is a daily inspiration for social change. Because in the end… that’s what we aim for! Some of our most impactful work will be represented, like fan favourite: The Splash and the Baltimore Bend. 35 of or fellow social designers are also represented in this calendar such as: Afdeling Buiten Gewone ZakenJoes and Manon, De Reuringdienst and many more.

Pre-order your copy of the Social Design Calendar now!

Social design scheurkalender Social desing lobby Arttenders1
Would you like to see our other featured projects and those of other social design projects? Get your calendar now for the small price of only € 15 in presale (only Dutch versions available)! Are you visiting The Dutch Design Week (DDW) between the 16th and 24th of October in Eindhoven? Cool, The calendars are also available there. The Social Design Lobby can be found at Kade Clubhuis, where the calendar will be presented and distributed. We will also be present at the DDW booth on the 22nd of October. Catch us there to talk about all things social design.