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Gift Guide 2021: 8 gift ideas for art and design lovers


Christmas is coming. That means it is time to find gifts for your loved ones.  Are you looking for a unique gift? Arttenders got you! Like every year Arttenders has made a list of creative gifts for art and design lovers. Since the odds are that we all will be staying at home again this winter, we have made a fine stay at home selection to get you through a tough winter day!


gift guide löwie

Image: Dirt Market

Snow, cold and rain… We all need a little extra sun! Influenced by modern and contemporary art, this series of paintings is made by Laura Stöckl, or Löwie. Her inspiration comes from all the cities where she has lived and a love for paint and the organic color scheme that it creates. These irresistible sunset colours will fit in any interior, making it the perfect gift for every globe-trotter having to miss exotic skies due to the pandemic. 


gift guide social design lobby

Image: The Social Design Lobby

We will probably be wrapped up in a blanket reading Harry Potter for the 10000th time, but for those who want to stimulate their brain once every while we are proud to present The Social Design Calendar! The Social Design Lobby has made a tear-off calendar to showcase different social design agencies and [tromdrums] us of course! None other than The Splash is one of the projects represented. Now you can gift someone a little piece of Arttenders accompanied with a bunch of knowledge about the social design landscape in the Netherlands. 


gift guide Sweilke

Image: Apoc Store

Moreno has designed three water bottle fountains for Balenciaga and has now turned the water bottles into vases capturing the beauty of the transformative qualities of water. Each vase is handmade which gives each vase another luminous reflection. It works great with flowers, but can also serve as an amazing container for your christmas branch!


Gift Guide studio spass

Image: Studio Spass

Let’s get out of our bubble and take it outside with the sculpture featuring “Why don’t we do it in the road” by Studio Spass.  You might know Studio Spass already from one of our current projects Baltimore Bend. A while ago Studio Spass also made large-scale street sculptures for the international art festival De Wereld van Witte de With. One of these sculptures is available in a miniature version with the quote once sung so beautifully by  Paul McCartney “Why don’t we do it in the road”, selected by Lukas Feiress. It feels more suitable than ever.


Image: Wrap Magazine

What will you do locked up at home this Christmas? Right, find a new hobby. Well you can thank us later, but we have done it for you. Because we have seen puzzle fever is the safest fever to get. This puzzle is designed by Rotterdam based Artist  Maaike Canne. It has some lovely detailing, on the books she honours various designers. A perfect way to spend your time during Christmas with your family. 


gift guide 600 dots

Image: David A. Carter

When you get bored of puzzling, or you have 6 crazy children or cousins running around, you can always turn to a game of counting the dots. David A. Carter is a master paper engineer and has published several books. This one is a pop-up book for children and it contains 600 black spots. And whether you’re a kid or not, this book has many visual delights and complexities to get lost in. 


rogier roeters

Image: Rogier Roeters

Everyone has characteristics or struggles that they won’t talk about. Rogier expresses these taboos through his drawings with a childlike style. And besides that he is also a magician. Check out the second episode of our podcast Koe Vangt Haas where Rogier’s work is featured and Faye and Siobhan talk about why they love Rogiers work, or just check his Instagram to get your daily dose of humor.

Nienke Sikkema – Addled

Image: RiRa Studio

And last but not least: keep that wine coming! Nienke Sikkema designed these Addled drinking glasses for RiRa. They are handmade and therefore every piece has a different shape and thickness. There are four different colours and two sizes to choose from. The short glasses are only made of hand-blown glass. For the long ones the cup is hand-blown and the rest is solid glass. A fun gift for your culinary friend or perhaps a wine loving uncle, or let’s be real: for yourself!