Celebrating three years of Arttenders!


On Thursday 6 September, we celebrated three successful years of Arttenders with #artandcocktails in a small but cozy setting. We toasted to the clients, artists, and suppliers who helped us realize unforgettable projects such as Triangular Grid, 40 Jaar Glasbak – Lekker Bezig! and The Golden Age. Thank you, everyone, for being there!

Faye and Siobhan also announced a new adventure for Arttenders. With our new brand We Serve Art we guide you to becoming a true art collector. By commissioning limited-edition artworks we are going to build an unmatched collection, and we want you to be part of this legacy. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date!

To celebrate the announcement of We Serve Art, we commissioned graphic designer Chris Versteeg to create a pin in the shape of a dinosaur: The Tyrannosaurus Faye. It honors Faye’s go-getter mentality and the fact that to get ahead in this business, you sometimes have to show some teeth.

Please scroll down for a little overview of a sweet, sweet evening. If you want to see more, please head on over to over Facebook album! All photos on this page and in our album are from photographer Sylvana Lansu.

The location of our party was Hotel bar Rose Rouge. It’s a charming little cocktail bar just around the corner of our office in the north of Rotterdam. Our guests were treated to The Lobby and The Wellness.



During a small speech, we handed Tyrannosaurus Faye #001 to our esteemed business advisor Oscar Van Veen.

The guys from Harran Rotterdam, located across the street from Rose Rouge, served food and sweets during the night.

Thank you all for a great evening! Please go to our album on Facebook for more pictures of the evening.