Real Estate Development

Arttenders provides a tailored solution in the recurring search for local storytelling, placemaking and city branding. Our site-specific solutions become unique landmarks and a high-end destination for the public and international media alike.

Our projects serve to meet strategic and practical objectives such as wayfinding, implementing a lighting plan, public seating, increased safety or creating a place to meet and relax. Depending on the type of project, Arttenders takes care of the the overall space or adds a conceptual layer to an existing design proposal. We never lose sight of important requirements such as warranties, the functionality of a space and corporate color schemes. In projects for real estate development we collaborate with project developers, municipalities, architects and other stakeholders.

Arttenders manages the production process from start to finish with a carefully selected team of artists and suppliers. When Arttenders is included in the early stages of project development, the impact of a good strategy and concept can exceed expectations, even though actual implementation might take place at the end of the construction trajectory.

For example, to create a high end destination and to help guide the public to this shopping area, we matched up a graphic artist with a software developer for the Kroonenberg Group. For !melk we are in the process of providing strategic art consultancy for a large-scale urban development in Dubai. If you want to know more about how we work, please go here!


  • Baltimore Bend
    Artistieke speelplaats in Almere Buiten
    Gemeente Almere
  • SYMPOIESIS voor Floriade Expo 2022
  • Triangular Grid door Sigrid Calon
    Kroonenberg Groep
  • Amsterdam Oersoep
    Amsterdam Oersoep
    Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam & Hans van Bentem
  • 'The Golden Age' in Amstel Tower
    Site specific artwork
  • Dubai Creek Harbour
    Art Consultancy
    Emaar Properties PJSC & !melk
  • De Dijk / Huys Tijdverdrijf
    Art Consultancy
    Woning Stichting Den Helder
  • Artsy Building: Arno & Iris
    Waddenzeestraat Den Helder
    Woningstichting Den Helder