Interior & Office design

We employ creativity and imagination to create spatial branding concepts for interiors and offices. These projects offer an extraordinary customer journey that fits your DNA. We design entire interiors and site-specific interventions. Their inherent must-see quality creates memorable experiences and generates free publicity, especially when matched with the perfect brand and communication strategy!

In creating these concepts, Arttenders uses art and creativity to serve aesthetics and amplify your brand identity. When consulted in the early stages of concept development, practical objectives such as sound management, wayfinding and crowd control or creating a place to meet and relax can be integrated in the design. We always aim for a mind-is-blown effect, but never lose sight of important requirements such as warranties and functionality of a space.

Arttenders manages the production process from start to finish with a carefully selected team of artists and suppliers. Depending on the type of project Arttenders acts as interior architect, or adds a conceptual layer to an existing design proposal. Arttenders creates interior concepts for retail, restaurants, offices, and semi-public spaces.

For CIC Rotterdam we developed the Art at Work Project. We turned several communal spaces, and even a restroom, into works of art where entrepreneurs can entertain their visitors or where they can hang out and relax. If you want to know more about how we work, please go here!