Art is storytelling. Therefore, we implement art as a communication tool for brand positioning, brand activation, rebranding of companies and to showcase corporate innovation. Arttenders carefully selects artists that have the ability to translate a corporate message into a memorable experience. It is our business to help you re-invent your brand.

Our projects for branding & communication aim to amplify your brand identity or help you re-brand your company, campaign or otherwise, always in collaboration with an artist that matches your enquiry. Our projects bring a unique approach and fresh perspectives. Whether you want to create a communication strategy from scratch or bring new life to an old campaign, we work together to create a game plan that is bound to get some attention from the public and the media alike!

Our work is always made-to-measure. Arttenders selects a team of experts and guides the full trajectory of the project: from the initial concept to the last publication. We pick our teams to fit your DNA. We develop communication strategies in the form of advertising campaigns, (temporary) art interventions, merchandise or limited edition artworks, publications and editorials.

We invited Studio Lernert & Sander to help reposition glass recycling as an active contribution to sustainability, by using beautiful design and a slice of humor. For CIC Rotterdam we transformed an ordinary toilet into the highlight of office tours. And we assisted the artists of Amsterdam Oersoep to position their magnificent design to an artwork of international allure by approaching international art and design media with the right story. If you want to know more about how we work, please go here!


  • Nedvang
    '40 Jaar Glasbak: Lekker Bezig!' by Studio Lernert & Sander
  • Nedvang
    'Glasbak' by De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
  • Kroonenberg Groep
    Triangular Grid by Sigrid Calon
  • Trichis
    Chief Editor Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2018
  • Amsterdam Oersoep
    Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam & Hans van Bentem
    Amsterdam Oersoep
  • R'damse Nieuwe with Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb
    Rotterdam Partners
    R'damse Nieuwe // Young Advisory Board Rotterdam Partners